Neighbors Creating a Neighborhood. 


The West Broadway Neighborhood Association in South Boston, a non profit organization, acts as a unified voice to represent the concerns and interests of all its residents. We do this by planning events and programs that help neighbors get to know each other, working with local police to make our neighborhood safe, representing neighbors interests in residential and business developments, and looking for ways to beautify our neighborhood. We invite you to join us!



The WBNA in Action. 

Intersection of west broadway/dorchester ave

The WBNA is working to get this dangerous intersection redesigned for the safety of our neighbors.  Through our advocacy and fundraising, the intersection is being reconfigured. We have added traffic signage to ensure slow streets and safe crossing.

green spaces around our neighborhood

The WBNA is helping to beautify our neighborhood, by planting numerous trees, creating green spaces, gardens, and parks. 


deb putnam.JPG

What about our imagery? Meet Deb Putnam, Our resident artist

This popular image of our intersection is as part of our branding at WBNA. This artwork has been generously provided for use by Deb Putnam.

Deb holds a BFA in painting from Mass College of Art, is a longtime member of the South Boston Arts Association and currently teaches art at South Boston Catholic Academy,

As a plein air artist living in South Boston, Deb finds a limitless source for her paintings. Sunny days and moonlit nights find her painting on neighborhood street corners or in downtown Boston. When painting outdoors is not possible, she works in her South Boston studio on larger scale paintings, portraits and other figurative works.

Her oil paintings can be found at the Arts Around the Corner Gallery, 317 E Street, South Boston, local art exhibitions and on-line at