Deb Wex: Co-Chair

Deb Wex is animal activist whose dedication to pets has been honored at the Joe Wex Dog Park in the South End. She is an equally strong proponent of children's theatre programs, assisting the boys and girls club with a recent production of Annie. She is a budding ukulele player and resident of the Macallen building with her bunny, Jilly.


Jennifer Ledet:


Jennifer has lived in South Boston since 2006. A transplant from New Orleans, she and her husband have put down roots with a small business and strong commitment to design and livable space. Jennifer has a daughter at South Boston Catholic Academy, CeCe who attends the Boys and Girls Club of South Boston. She has rounded our her family with an adopted dog, Rosey, a rescue from Puerto Rico. She tweets @jenniferledet about dog stuff.

DAP 2018.jpg

Derek Pajaczkowski:


Derek, an architect, lives in The Allele building with his partner, an urban designer. They are concerned residents and avid cyclists who share a concern for the character and safety of the neighborhood. As South Boston continues to develop they hope to play a part in improving the quality of both the architecture and the public realm.


Eric Noar: Member at Large

Eric has lived in the Macallen building since 2009. He's been in Boston for years and has lived throughout the area before laying roots in South Boston. He lives with his girlfriend Calay, and a Maltese named Remy who has been asking for more places to play in the neighborhood.

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Ariel Szabo: Fundraising Chair

Ariel Szabo, a residential real estate agent, purchased her first condo at Court Square Press in 2015. Ariel is committed to the growth and beautification of her neighborhood, and has developed a fundraising program that involves the community coming together through business sponsorships and condo association involvement. In her spare time, she can be found creating woodcuts in her printmaking studio and training at Peter Welch’s Gym.